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Why Choose Us?

Highly Qualified Healthcare Staff Providing Compassionate Patient Care

Fifth Commandment Healthcare Staffing was founded for nurses by experts in the nursing industry with the commitment of caring for our patients just like family. Fifth Commandment Healthcare Staffing is devoted to serving and honoring our patients at times when they need care the most.

Fifth Commandment Healthcare Staffing's outstanding management and recruitment team has over 20 years of experience in the nursing and staffing industry. The team is passionate about nursing and patient care and understands the need for high quality staff to provide for our patients, family members, and friends.

The management team is well versed in the operational needs of the facilities during times of short staffing, temporary vacancies, crisis, and emergencies. With the team’s expertise, best practices, and meticulous staff selection process, we are able to fulfill the staffing needs of our clients with exceptional healthcare workers.

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